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Share/Unshare Documents

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2015 12:14AM PST
After you've uploaded documents, and chosen a signature state, you can begin sharing documents with other transaction members. By default, uploaded document(s) are "Private" and only visible to the document owner/uploader (and all Brokerage Admins) until shared.

To begin sharing documents, go into the Documents tab of the Transaction Dashboard. Then check the box(es) to the right of the document(s) you want to share. After that, click on the "Share" icon in the top row:


Once you click the Share icon, a pop-up window will appear and you'll have three choices for whom you want to share the documents with:

1) Public - All transaction members and the general public. This means that not only will all transaction members be able to see the documents, but the general public will also be able to see the documents from the Single Property Page Website. So unless you want literally anyone in the world to see these documents, you should NOT share them with the Public option. An example of documents that you might want to share with the public are floor plans or other general documents. To share documents with the Public, click the globe "Public" icon on the left side of the pop-up window and then click the blue "Done" button:

2) Private - Yourself and specific transaction members. This means that only you and specific people within the transaction that you choose to share the document(s) with will be able to access and view the document(s). To share document(s) with specific transaction member(s), when the pop-up window comes up, choose the lock "Private" icon in the middle. Then choose specific transaction members by typing in the transaction member's name or email address in the search box. A list of transaction members will be provided for you to choose from, which you can select:


3) Transaction - All transaction members will be able to see the document(s). This means that anyone invited into the transaction, or who joins the transaction when making an offer through the Single Property Page Website, will be able to see these documents. Note that the general public will NOT be able to see these documents from the Single Property Page Website -- only people within the transaction can see them. To share documents with everyone in the transaction, click the "Transaction" icon on the right side:


Remember that before anyone within a transaction can see a document shared with them, they must be added to the transaction by you. 

When you share a document with someone, that person will receive a notification with a link to the shared document. If the transaction member is new to Reesio, they'll be prompted to create a Reesio account to access the shared document.

To unshare documents, check the box(es) on the right of the document(s) you want to unshare. Again, click on the "Share" icon in the top row just like you would if you were sharing the documents. Within the sharing permissions pop-up window, transaction members that currently have access to the documents will be listed at the bottom. Hover over the name of the transaction member(s) you'd like to remove sharing permissions for, click on the red "Remove" link, and then the blue "Done" button to remove permissions for that transaction member:

**PLEASE NOTE: If you select multiple documents at once to unshare, the transaction members that you originally shared the multiple documents with must be exactly the same transaction members across all of the documents that you select to unshare, or Reesio will not allow you to unshare them (because there are different sharing permissions for the different documents). If this is the case, you'll need to select individual documents one at a time to unshare.
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