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Admins: Add Yourself to a Transaction

Last Updated: Feb 13, 2015 02:35PM PST
Brokerage admins have two options to review/audit transactions from other brokerage members:

1) Observer Role - You can simply be an "observer" within each transaction, which means you can only view the transaction details from other brokerage members. As an observer, you will not be able to edit, upload, or change anything within a transaction. Reesio automatically makes anyone with admin permissions an observer for all transactions created in a brokerage.

2) Full Transaction Member Role - However, you can also automatically "add" yourself to a transaction as a transaction member, which will then give you full authority to edit, upload, change, and do anything within a transaction, just as if you were the transaction creator -- you'll be able to upload/manage documents, add/edit/delete/approve tasks, etc.

Reesio denotes admins who are only observers within a transaction by "graying out" their avatars (instead of being fully colored like the other transaction members are). This allows you to see with a quick glance on the Transaction Dashboard if you're an observer or full transaction member.

If you're currently an observer of a transaction, you can automatically add yourself to a transaction by clicking on your grayed-out avatar under the "Transaction Members" section within the right pane on the Transaction Dashboard:

Once you click on your grayed-out avatar, it will change from being grayed-out to being fully colored, and you will be added as a transaction member to the transaction with full authority to do anything within the transaction (just like the transaction creator).
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