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Create/Add a Compliance/Workflow Template

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2017 03:14PM PST
By default, custom workflow templates comprised of document and non-document related tasks can be set-up by any brokerage member to manage transactions. However, brokerage admins have the option to turn off the ability for non-admin brokerage members to create their own workflow templates. To manage this feature for non-admins, brokerage admins can click on the "Edit Brokerage Settings" wheel below the brokerage logo.

Within the "Edit Brokerage Settings" modal, select whether you would like to allow all brokerage members to create workflow templates or just brokerage admins and click "Submit".

Individual tasks within custom workflow templates can be tagged as "Compliance", which means that those tasks must be approved by a Brokerage Admin prior to being checked off as completed. In addition, documents linked to Compliance tasks can not be edited or deleted and are locked in for version control for admins to retrieve at any time. Tasks not marked as "Compliance" will NOT go through an approval process and can be checked off the by assignor or assignee without prior approval.

To create a custom Workflow/Document template, you need to first go to the "Workflow Templates" page. You can access the Workflow Templates page by either:

A) Clicking on the tray icon in the top navigation bar and then clicking on the "Workflow Templates" icon. You can access this method from anywhere within Reesio's product.


B) If you're already within the Transaction Management product, you can click on the Workflow Templates icon in the left navigation bar. Both options are shown below: 

All templates available for you to use are listed on the left, A to Z by title. To create a new template, you have two choices. You can either create a new template from scratch by clicking the  "+" New Template button:

NOTE: New templates are added to the bottom of the list as "Untitled" and defaulted with a visibility setting of private.

Click the "pencil" Edit Title icon to name your Custom Template and click "Save":

OR you can create a template by duplicating any existing template you see in your Workflow Template page. Duplicating a template will create a second template that matches exactly all of the tasks, tasks order, tasks assignee and tasks due date rules. This can be a very handy way of creating another template that is similar to an existing template, without having to create an entirely new template from scratch. To duplicate a template, click on the "Duplicate" icon to the right of the template name.

When a template is first added/duplicated, it is defaulted to a "Private" visibility setting which means only the template creator can see and edit the template. If the template is then shared publicly by clicking on the "eye" icon, all other brokerage members will be able to see/duplicate the template in their Workflow Template page. 

However, only brokerage admins have permission to edit publicly shared brokerage templates they are not the creator of. Non admins can only see and duplicate templates shared by other brokerage members. 

To add individual tasks to a template, select the template on the left side and click the "+" Add Template Item button in the top right. New tasks will be added to the bottom of the list.

To add a new task in between two existing tasks, scroll to the exact location you'd like to insert the task and click the "Add template item here" line.

To add a "Title" and "Description" for the template item, click on the title/description, enter and click "Save".

Each template item has a "Compliance" option that you can assign to it. By default, all new template items are set as "Compliance", which means a Brokerage Admin will need to review and approve the task before marking it as completed. If a template item does not require approval and you don't care about locking the documents for that task in for version control, simply remove the compliance tag by clicking on the orange "Lock" icon for an individual template item. To manage the compliance setting for multiple items, select one or more items and click on the "Lock" icon at the top.

By marking tasks as Compliance related within the Templates section, you will ensure that these specific tasks will have the Compliance or non-Compliance designation across all transactions because users within your brokerage will apply these templates to their Workflow when creating transactions (see below).

In addition to template visibility, each template item has it's own "visibility" setting. By default, all new template items are set as "private", which means once the template is applied to a transaction, the template item will only be visible in the to the task creator, task assignee and their brokerage admins. To make a template item public to share with all transaction members, click on the "eye" icon for an individual template item. To manage the visibility setting for multiple items, select one or more items and click on the "Eye" icon at the top.

To assign one or more template items, click on the assignee avatar for an individual template item and select a brokerage member at the top. To assign multiple items as once, select one or more items, click on the "Assign" icon at the top and select a brokerage member.

A due date rule can also be added to template items so a due date is automatically calculated once the template is a applied to a transaction. To add a due date rule to an individual item, click on "Add rule" or the current rule to edit. Enter the # of days, type of day calculation (days vs business days), before/on/after and the type of transaction date. A due day rule can also be applied to multiple template items by selecting one or more items and clicking the "Due Date Rule" icon at the top.

NOTE: Specific due dates can not be added at the template level, just a general rule. Also, in order for due date rules to auto calculate, you'll need to make sure the appropriate transaction dates are added to a transaction.

To reorder tasks within a template, click on the three bars to the left of the template item and drag and drop to the desired position.

To delete template items, select the one or more items and click the Delete "trash can" icon at the top:

When new transactions are created, a Workflow Template can be applied by selecting from the available list of templates. This ensures that all transactions follow the same process for every type of template that you've created:

Once a template has been selected for a transaction, all of the associated template items will show within the Workflow tab for that transaction.

You can also add multiple templates, or re-add a template to a transaction at any time by clicking on the "Add Tasks from Template" button on the Workflow page:

NOTE: The ability to manage compliance settings, visibility settings, task assignees, task order, and task due date rules for template items are also available in the Workflow section of the transaction once a template is applied.
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