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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2015 10:21PM PDT
Reesio provides a messaging feature to keep all transaction related communication in one central place. You can send messages to other transaction members within your Reesio transaction dashboard, and those recipients will receive emails with those messages in addition to having those messages show up within Reesio.

In addition, recipients that you send messages to can reply back to your message directly within their email client and their reply message will automatically show up in the exact transaction that the message is related to. Because of this, the Messages feature within Reesio is better than just sending traditional emails because not only do emails also get sent when replying, but they also show up within the Messages section for the correct transaction in Reesio! This saves you considerable time in not having to tag emails within your inbox for which transactions they belong to. This also reduces risk and liability for you because everything is logged within Reesio for easy retrieval.

To send a message to another transaction member, make sure that you've already added them as a transaction member.

There are 2 scenarios for sending a message

Scenario 1 -- You haven't yet sent a message to somebody within a particular transaction

In this case, to send a message to another member, click the "Messages" tab in the Transaction Dashboard and start typing in the name of the transaction member in the "To" field on the right side. A list of members will be provided. Select the transaction member(s) you would like to send a message to:

Next, enter in the subject line, the body of the message, and click the orange "Send" button to send your message to the transaction member(s):

Scenario 2 -- You have already sent a message to somebody within a particular transaction

In this case, to send another message, click the "New Message" button on the right side of the Messages tab in the Transaction Dashboard. From there, follow the same instructions as in Step 1:

*In all scenarios, messages will also be sent to the recipients email inbox.

To reply to messages, there are TWO options:

1) Reply to an existing message within the transaction dashboard by selecting the message thread to the left in the message section, enter in the content of your message, and click the orange "Reply" button in the bottom right:


2) Reply directly to the email sent to your inbox. Responses will be added to the ongoing thread in the Messages section to ensure that all communication related to a particular transaction is captured within the transaction dashboard in Reesio:


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