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Accepting and Declining Offers

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2015 06:09PM PST
Once offers get submitted by Buyer's Agents for your transactions, you can review, accept, and decline these offers within the "Offers" tab of the transaction dashboard. Please note that Reesio does not yet have a "Counter Offers" feature to be able to counter offers. If this is a feature that you're interested in having, please email us at and we'll note your request and see what we can do about building this feature.

Reviewing Offers

To review offers, first go into the Offers tab and then click on the "Review" link next to the Offers that you want to review:

Clicking the "Review" link next to an offer will display complete details about the offer, as well as links to documents that Buyer's Agents have attached to their offers. You can click on the links to any attached documents to view the documents themselves, as well as click on "Accept" or "Decline" to accept or decline an offer (more on this below). Or you can simply close out of the window:

Accepting Offers

You can also easily accept and decline offers from the summary page on the Offers tab. To accept an offer, select the check box next to the offer and then click the orange "Accept" button (note - you can only accept one offer per transaction):

If you choose to accept an offer, you'll then be prompted to send the offer documents to your Seller(s) to e-sign within Reesio and to officially ratify the contract. Selecting the "Get Signatures" button within the window will launch Reesio's e-signature integration with EchoSign, where you can then assign signature and initial fields for your Seller to e-sign:

After your Seller e-signs the offer documents, you will officially be in contract on the property, and the Buyer's Agent will be notified that their offer has been accepted. The status of the offer will change to "Accepted" within the Offers tab.

Declining Offers

You can also decline one or multiple offers at once by selecting the check boxes next to the offers that you want to decline, and then clicking the blue "Decline" button:


**PLEASE NOTE: Once you decline an offer, the Buyer's Agent will automatically receive an email, letting them know that their offer has been declined. There is no "un-do" option on this feature, so be sure you really mean to decline an offer before clicking the blue Decline button.

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