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Set Task Visibility - Private/Public

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2015 02:21PM PST
Reesio gives you the ability to determine which members within a transaction can see a particular workflow item or not. Please note that these permission settings have no bearing on DOCUMENT visibility within a transaction, as those permissions are determined separately. Click HERE to find out how to share/un-share specific documents with transaction members.

Template items set as "Private" are only visible to the transaction/task creator, their Brokerage admins and the task assignee. Template items set as "Public" are viewable by all transaction members. By default, individual items added to a workflow template are set to a private visibility setting. To make a template item public to share with all transaction members, click on the "eye" icon for an individual template item. To manage the visibility setting for multiple items, select one or more items and click on the "Eye" icon at the top.

Private/Public visibility for a template item can also be changed within the Workflow section of a transaction. To change the visibility for a template item, from private to public or from public to private, select one or more items and click on the "eye" icon in the top right:

Additional custom tasks created in the workflow can also be set to private or public once added. By default, custom tasks are set to private.
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