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What is the joining process for people you invite to your transactions?

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2015 12:28PM PDT

The magic of Reesio happens when you invite all members of a transaction into your Reesio transaction dashboard to share/e-sign documents, assign/complete tasks, send messages, etc. We therefore HIGHLY recommend inviting your clients, the agents/clients for the other side of the transaction, home inspectors, title officers, etc.

So what happens when you invite someone to join a transaction? He/She will automatically receive an email invitation to join your transaction and Reesio.

At this point, you might be wondering, "What does the user experience look like for people that you invite into a transaction? Is it long and complicated with lots of fields to fill out, or is it easy and simple?" Thankfully, the answer to this question is that Reesio keeps things super simple for users to be able to create a Reesio account and access everything that you share with them in a transaction once you've invited them. In fact, most invited transaction members say that they're able to create a Reesio account and join a transaction in less than 10 seconds. Now that's simple! The exact experience they receive depends on whether they're a new user (i.e. they don't already have a Reesio account) or they're an existing user (i.e. they already have a Reesio account).
What invited members see if they're a NEW user

Step 1 - Receive welcome email with link to click on

After you invite someone new into a transaction, that user will receive the following email with a link to click on to create an account:

Step 2 - Enter in a password to create an account

After an invited new user clicks on the link in the email, all they have to do to finish creating a Reesio account is enter in a password:

Step 3 - View notifications and click on transaction dashboard

Once the invited user has entered in a password, they will automatically have a Reesio account generated for them, which they can then use to log back into Reesio at anytime to view notifications or to go into transactions that you've invited them into. Clients and Third Parties will be taken into the "Transactions" page to view notifications and/or go into the transaction:

Agent role types (Brokers, Agents, or TC's) will be taken into the Brokerage "Dashboard" page to view notifications and/or go into the transaction you invited them into:

As you can see, it's a completely fast and painless experience for a new user that you invite to join your Reesio transaction!

What invited members see if they're an EXISTING user

Existing users that get invited to a transaction see a slightly different flow because they already have a Reesio account:

Step 1 - Receive notification email

The welcome email for an existing user is slightly different than what a new user sees -- it's actually more of a notification email letting them know that they've been added to a transaction instead of being a welcome email that introduces them to Reesio. This is because when you add a user to a transaction that already has an existing Reesio account, that person is automatically added to the transaction without them needing to join or do anything. Thus, the email looks like the following:

Step 2 - Click on transaction link in notification email

Once the existing user clicks on the link to the transaction in the notification email above, he/she will get taken directly into the transaction dashboard if he/she is already logged into Reesio:

Or if the user is NOT already logged into Reesio, he/she will be taken to the Log In page first to log in. Once he/she logs in, he/she will automatically be directed to the transaction dashboard that they were invited into:

Just a couple of other notes:

  • Invited Agents, Brokers or Transaction Coordinator transaction members who do not already have a Reesio account will first need to select their brokerage role type after creating a password (their transaction role type is already designated by what you chose for them). They will then be redirected to their brokerage dashboard. Invited Clients or Third parties will be taken directly to the Transactions List page (no brokerage role type for them to choose because they aren't a broker, agent, or TC).
  • Transaction members that you invite need to manage their own Profile Settings, such as uploading a picture, setting their time zone, etc. You can share with them the following link with more instructions on how they can manage their Profile Settings:
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