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Last Updated: Jun 19, 2017 03:43PM PDT
Reesio provides Brokerage and Agent transaction level commission details to help you manage your commissions. The Brokerage Dashboard shows a pie chart summarizing realized (closed) and unrealized (pending) commissions:

You can also get to an unfiltered view of the Commissions page, as well as enter in and manage all commissions by either clicking on the tray navigation icon and then the "Commissions" icon, or if you're already in the Transaction Management product, by clicking on the "Commissions" icon in the left navigation bar:

  • Realized commissions include open & archived transactions with a status type of "Sold" or "Leased"
  • Unrealized commissions include open & archived transactions with a status type of "Active", "Active      Contingent",  "Pending", or "For Rent"
  • Transactions with a status of "Inactive", "Not for sale", or "Not for Rent" are not counted in the  Commissions chart or on the Commissions page.

To enter/edit commission details for a particular transaction, click on the "Commission Details" icon to the far right of the row:

OR if you're in the Transaction "Details" section of the transaction dashboard, scroll down to the Commissions section and click "Edit" to enter details.

Once you're in the Commission Details window:

1) Select the calculation type (Percentage or Dollar) for the commission going to the Brokerage.
2) Enter the percentage or dollar amount of the commission 
going to the Brokerage.
3) Select the calculation type (Percentage or Dollar) to split the commission 
between the Brokerage and the Assigned Agent.
4) Enter the percent or dollar amount split between the Brokerage and the Assigned Agent.
5) Enter any additional commission "Notes" and click "SUBMIT" to Save.

NOTE: If the property is not yet in contract, the Total Commission Amount will be based on the Listing Price. Once the
Contract/Sold Price is available, the commission calculation will be based on the Contract/Sold Price.

Brokerage Admins can manage commission details for all transactions in a brokerage on the "Commissions" page. Agents without admin permissions will only be able to manage commission details for their own transactions.
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