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Sorting, Searching, and Filtering Transactions

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2014 11:43AM PDT
By default, the Transactions page on Reesio shows you all of your own transactions if you're not a brokerage admin, or shows you all of the transactions in your entire brokerage if you are an admin. If you have a lot of transactions, it can be a bit overwhelming to see every transaction on this page. Reesio gives you the ability to narrow down which transactions you see by sorting, searching, and filtering transactions. For example, you might want to just view Active Contingent properties that are foreclosures and listed for sale between certain dates.


Sorting can only be done in the "List" view (it can not be done in the "Grid" view). For a detailed comparison of the Grid vs. List views, click HERE. To sort transactions in the List view, simply click on the column title that you want to sort by. You can sort both in ascending or descending order, and you can sort by any of the columns except the "Assigned Agent" column:


You can search for transactions either in the Grid or List view. To search for transactions, just begin typing in the criteria that you want to search by within the Search box at the top. You must click the green magnifying glass after you've typed in the criteria in order for the search to begin:


Filtering is a very powerful feature on the Transactions page that allows you to narrow down the transactions that appear based on almost any type of criteria that you want to put in place. To set filters on your Transactions page, first click the "Advanced Filters" button in the upper-right corner:

From there, the Advanced Filters window will open up and you can set the various criteria that you want to use to narrow down which transactions you see. You can choose as many or as few criteria that you want:

Once you've chosen which criteria you want to filter by, you need to apply the filter. You have two choices for applying a filter:

1) You can apply the filter just once, which means that after you leave the Transactions page and come back to it, the filter will no longer be applied and the view will be reset to the default view of showing all open transactions. To apply a filter only once, click the orange "Apply" button after choosing the criteria that you want to filter by:

2) You can also save a filter, which means that if you leave the Transactions page and come back to it later, the filter that you applied previously will still be in effect, and you will only see the transactions that meet the filtered criteria that you selected last time. To save a filter, click the white "Save Filter and Apply" button:

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes a user will save a filter, leave the Transactions page, come back later, and forget that they had saved an applied filter. The user will often wonder why they can't find a particular transaction and think that it has disappeared. The transaction has not disappeared -- it's simply that the old filter is still in place and the transaction he/she is looking for has been filtered out and is not visible. This issue can be solved by resetting the filters (see below)

To reset a previously saved filter and to restore the default view of all open transactions, go into the Advanced Filters window and click the white "Reset Filter" button:
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