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A Summary of How Billing Works

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2016 09:54PM PDT
What Reesio's subscription includes

Our pricing is simple → it includes EVERY feature within our product, so you never need to pay extra for any features. This means you don't even need to purchase a separate e-signatures account like many other transaction management products require. E-Signatures powered by Adobe EchoSign are fully included with our product, so you don’t need to pay for or subscribe to any separate products in order to get all of the great benefits that Reesio has to offer. You are, however, required to have an existing zipForm account in order to use the zipForm integration feature that Reesio has.

How much it costs

Reesio costs only $30/user/month, and you get access to ALL of the great features that we have to offer for this one low price. There are no hidden fees and we don’t charge extra for any additional features. We also offer bulk pricing discounts to brokerages that purchase seats for 4 or more users.

Additional discounts for purchasing 4+ seats

Reesio offers additional discounts for brokerages that pay for 4 or more seats at the time of original purchase. The exact amount of the discount depends on the number of seats that you purchase. We also offer additional discounts if you bundle Reesio with some of Move's other great products, such as Top Producer, Fivestreet, etc. We can give you an exact quote of what discounts you're eligible for if you call us at 877-876-3547 or email us at 

Group vs. Individual Billing

Reesio offers both “Group” and “Individual” billing options:

Group billing means that you’ll pay for all seats within your brokerage under your credit card, and you’ll be able to assign which brokerage members receive paid seats and which ones do not. You can choose this option simply by purchasing 2 or more seats during your first time when buying new seats and checking out with your credit card.

Individual billing means that each person within your brokerage will pay for his/her own seat with his/her own credit card. If a user doesn’t pay for a seat, he/she won’t have a paid subscription. You can choose this option simply by purchasing just 1 seat during your first time when buying new seats and checking out with your credit card.

**PLEASE NOTE: We do not currently support a mixture of Group and Individual billing within a brokerage (i.e. you can’t pay for 2 seats in your brokerage and then have a 3rd person pay for his/her own seat). You must choose one option or the other.

Who is required to have a paid seat

Any user from within your brokerage must have a paid account in order to access and use Reesio. Anyone from a different brokerage that you add to a transaction, as well as any third parties or clients that you add to a transaction, do NOT need to have a paid account to use Reesio.

Contract Term and No Refunds Policy

When you subscribe to Reesio the first time, you are agreeing to a one year, annual contract to use the Reesio service, of which you will be billed in 12 monthly installments. Your credit card will be charged the day that you subscribe for the total number of seats that you purchase, and your credit card will be charged again for this amount each month for the next 11 months (if you purchase any additional seats in the middle of your contract, you will be told the amount that you will be charged right then for those additional seats, along with what your new monthly subscription amount will be going forward for all of your seats).

You may only cancel your subscription and not be subject to the one year contract by emailing us within 30 calendar days of your original subscription date that you wish to cancel. If you do not formally email us within 30 calendar days of your original subscription date to let us know that you wish to cancel, then your card will be charged again each month until the one year annual agreement is over, and Reesio does NOT provide any refunds. After your one year, annual contract is over, your subscription will automatiically move to a month-to-month subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

To cancel your Reesio subscription during the first 30 days or after your first year's annual contract has transitioned to month-to-month, simply email us at with the subject line "Cancel Subscription", along with the email address that the paid subscription is under, and the number of seats you wish to remove. If you are looking to cancel your subscription after the first year annual contract (when your agreement has gone month-to-month), you must email us at least 5 days in advance of when your current billing cycle ends in order to cancel your subscription within the current billing cycle. Cancellation requests received less than 5 days in advance of when your current billing cycle ends will not take affect until your next billing cycle.

Once your subscription has been officially cancelled using the process above, you will not be charged for future payments for those seats, and the users with those seats will be able to access all Reesio features up until your current billing cycle ends. After that date, the users who no longer have a paid seat will be blocked from accessing Reesio’s features.

If you currently have any discount pricing, you will lose this discount pricing if you decide to come back to Reesio later on.

You can read our complete Terms of Service at:
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