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Add More Seats to your Group Billing Subscription

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2014 05:49PM PDT
If you're subscribed to Group billing, you can easily purchase and add more seats to your subscription. Once you purchase more seats, you can then assign these additional seats to other brokerage members so that they have paid accounts.

By default, the brokerage member who originally subscribes to Group billing is only person who can purchase additional seats for the brokerage (i.e. the person who originally subscribes to Group billing is considered the sole "subscriber" in the brokerage). This default is completely independent on whether the subscriber of Group billing has admin permissions or not, and completely independent on whether other brokerage members have admin permissions or not. For example, you may not have admin permissions, but if you are the original subscriber to Group billing, only you will be able to purchase additional seats (no one else within the brokerage will be able to do this).

To get started purchasing more seats, first click on the drop-down arrow next to your name in the upper-right corner, and then click on the "Billing" link in the window that appears:

Next, click on the green "Add Seats" button on the Billing page:

From there, a new window will appear that will allow you to purchase more seats. To specify the number of additional seats that you'd like to purchase, just enter in the number of seats (or use the arrows) in the "New Seats" box and then click the orange "Add Seats" button:

You'll notice a couple of things in the above window:

1) The amount highlighted in the green box in the above screen is the amount that you'll be charged now when you click the orange Add Seats button. This amount is pro-rated based on the amount of time left before your next annual anniversary date. For example, if you purchased your original seats on August 1, 2014, and you then purchase additional seats on February 1, 2015 (with 6 months remaining on your anniversary date), you will be charged 50% of the price for additional seats today, and then the full amount for all of your seats on August 1, 2015. The pro-rated amount is actually calculated to the second.

2) Similarly to the principal in #1 above, at the bottom of the window above, we show you the new amount that you'll be charged for ALL of your seats on your next anniversary date. This new total is the full annual price for all of your seats (previously purchased plus newly purchased) that you will be charged on the future anniversary date indicated.

To view a final summary of all of your subscription plan, go to the "Billing" page by following the steps in the above screenshots. 

Click here to learn how to assign the additional seats that you've purchased to other brokerage members.
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