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Disabling & Re-Enabling Single Property Page Websites

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2015 11:29AM PDT
You have complete control over whether you want your Single Property Page Websites to show up or not. By default, Reesio will show your pages to the public. However, if you want to turn off these settings, you can. When turning off these pages, you have 2 choices:

1) Set the default for ALL of your transactions to NOT create Single Property Page Websites.

To set the default so that Reesio never generates Single Property Page Websites for your transactions, first click on the "tray" icon in the top navigation bar and then click on the "Marketing" icon:

Once you're on the Marketing page, you'll see a "Yes/No" toggle option under the Reesio Marketing Preferences section. Simply click the No button to change the default from Yes to No:

2) If you instead want to keep the default so that Reesio does generate Single Property Page Websites for your transactions, but you want to turn off the Single Property Page Website for just a specific transaction, first go into the main dashboard of the transaction that you want to change, and click on the "Transaction Settings cog wheel":

After you click on the above cog wheel, a window will open up and you'll see the "Yes/No" toggle option under the Marketing Pages section. Simply choose whether you want a Single Property Page Website or not for just that specific transaction. None of your other transactions will be affected or changed:

To re-enable any Single Property Page Websites that you've turned off (either as your default choice or for a specific transaction), you can follow the same steps as above, and then just choose "Yes" instead of "No" when prompted for your settings.
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