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Importing & Adding New Contacts To Your Address Book

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2015 10:38PM PDT
NOTE: "Contacts" in a user's address book are private to the individual user and not visible to any Brokerage Admins or other Brokerage Members. However, contacts associated with Leads are visible to admins from the lead details page.

You have a few different ways that you can add new Contacts to your "Address Book" in Reesio:

1) Importing your Contacts via CSV file.
2) Manually adding Contacts one-by-one.
3) Automatically turning Transaction Members into Contacts.
4) Create a new Contact within a Lead.

For the first 2 options above, you'll need to first go into the "Address Book" page. You can get to the "Address Book" page by clicking on the "tray" icon in the top navigation bar and then clicking on the "Address Book" icon:


Importing your Contacts via CSV file

Reesio lets you upload a CSV file of your contacts directly into your Reesio "Address Book". With just a few clicks of a button, all of your contacts can be imported into Reesio. Here's how it works:

1) On the "Address Book" page, click the "Import (CSV)" button:

2) Next, a browser to your computer desktop will appear, where you can choose a CSV file to upload.

3) After you choose which CSV file you want to upload, Reesio will bring up the following window where you can assign the fields that you would like to match from your CSV file to the appropriate field within Reesio. For example, if you have a "First Name" field in your CSV, you would choose the corresponding "First Name" field in Reesio from the drop-down menu choices provided. You can also choose "Do Not Include" from the menu, which will exclude that field when importing. Click the orange "Import" button once you're ready to import.

NOTE: If you'd like to add a custom tag to all contacts in the import file to filter by, enter a tag in the "Add Custom Tag" field. This is a great way to tag contacts from a specific import job or different types of contacts.

**NOTE: Depending on how many contacts you're uploading from your CSV file, it may take anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes to import all of them. Reesio does not block you from using our product while our system finishes importing your contacts, so you're free to continue working within Reesio while the import is taking place. Once you see all of your Contacts fully imported, then you can begin managing them.

Manually adding Contacts one-by-one

To manually add each contact one-by-one into Reesio, first click the "Add Contact" button on the "Address Book" page. Then enter in the Contact details in the window pane on the right side:

Automatically turning Transaction Members into Contacts

The third and final way to add new contacts to your Contacts page in Reesio is when you add new members to a transaction. After entering in the transaction member's name and email address, click on "Yes" to the question: "Add this transaction member to your Address Book?" and Reesio will automatically add that contact to your
"Address Book" page:

Create a new Contact within a Lead

You can also create a new contact within a Lead. In the contact section of a lead detail page, click on the "Add Contact" plus button to add a contact to the lead.

Enter in the name of a new contact you'd like to associate with the lead. Click "Create New Contact" to save the new contact to the lead and your Address Book.

To add/edit details for the contact, click on the contact name. A modal will display to edit details for the contact, manage tags/email lists and other actions etc.
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