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Managing Contacts In Your Address Book

Last Updated: Jul 08, 2015 04:25PM PDT
After you've imported and added your contacts into your Reesio "Address Book", you can do several different things to manage them:
  • Add Tags
  • Add Notes
  • Add Contacts to Email Lists => MailChimp Lists
  • Delete Contacts
This support article will cover everything above except how to Turn Contacts into Leads, which is covered by a different support article.

NOTE: "Contacts" in a user's address book are private to the individual user and not visible to any Brokerage Admins or other Brokerage Members. However, contacts associated with Leads are visible to admins from the lead details page.

Add Tags

Use custom tags on contacts to easily define contacts by customer type, preferences, relationship or any other criteria you'd like to filter by. To add / remove one or more tags from one or more contacts, select the contacts and click on the "Tag" icon on the right. You'll be shown all tags currently used within your account, not just tags associated with the selected contacts. Click "Add" to tag ALL selected contacts with a tag. Click "Remove" to remove a tag from ALL selected contacts. Click "No Change" if you do not want to add or remove a tag for the selected contacts. After you've updated your tags, click "Save" to save the changes. 

Note: A contact can have multiple tags.

You can also create a new custom tag by entering a tag name in the "Enter new tag name" field and clicking the "Create tag" plus icon.  

To add a custom tag when importing a contact list, CLICK HERE.

Add Notes

You can add and save Notes for Contacts. To do this, first click on the "Notes" tab within the Contact that you want to add a note for. Then enter in the note content. Finally, click the green "Save" button:

Add Contacts to Email Lists => MailChimp Lists

Through Reesio's integration with MailChimp, you can add contacts in your address book to MailChimp lists from within Reesio. Once Reesio contacts are synced to MailChimp lists, you can manage email campaigns for contacts within MailChimp. All MailChimp activities will be synced back into the activity timeline of the lead a contact is associated with. To learn more on how to add contacts to MailChimp lists, CLICK HERE.

Delete Contacts

You can delete one or more contacts at once. To delete multiple contacts at once, simply check the boxes on the left of the contacts that you wish to delete, or check the "Select all on page" box to select all contacts on the current page. Then click the "trash can" button in the upper right to delete. 

To delete all contacts in your address book, CLICK HERE  to find out how.

**NOTE: The above deleting action cannot be un-done, so please be 100% sure that you want to delete the contacts that you've selected before confirming.
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