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Add/Invite Transaction Members

Last Updated: Sep 28, 2015 12:00PM PDT
Reesio was designed with full collaboration in mind -- where all parties of a transaction are in one centralized place so that you can share a document or assign a task with just a couple clicks of a button. The magic of Reesio really begins to happen when you invite your clients, the agents from the other side of the transaction, and all third parties like escrow officers, home inspectors, etc. into your transactions to collaborate. Inviting everyone into the transaction also reduces liability for you because Reesio stores an Activity log of all transaction member activity, so someone can't come back later and say that you didn't do something or didn't share something with them. And we make it super simple both to invite your transaction members into Reesio and for them to join Reesio. However, you also have the option of adding a member WITHOUT inviting them to join the transaction, if you would simply like to have their details in the members page.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to assign tasks, share/e-sign documents with, message, or collaborate with members that are not invited to the transaction.

To begin adding Transaction Members, you first need to click on the "Add Transaction Member" icon in the upper right of the Transaction Dashboard:

Next, indicate whether you would like invite the member into the transaction to collaborate by selecting "Yes" or "No". 

If you select "Yes", you can either search for a brokerage member or contact in your Reesio address book to invite...


Select the "Manual Input" button to manually enter the transaction member's name and email address.

Choose a role for the transaction member from the list provided.

Indicate whether the transaction member is part of your brokerage or not. 
If you select yes, the user will be simultaneously added to the transaction AND to your brokerage if they are not a current brokerage member. This is another way to invite brokerage members besides for HERE

NOTE: Adding a brokerage member through search will default the answer to "Yes". Adding a contact from your Reesio address book or manually inputting a transaction member's name and email will default the answer to "No". 

Indicate whether you would simultaneously like to add the transaction member to your Reesio address book or not and click "Submit". 

Once you click the Submit button and the transaction member is added to the transaction, the invited transaction member will automatically receive an email notification with a link to click on and create a password and complete their Reesio account setup. Once the invited member types in a password, he/she will then have access to all collaborative features such as viewing/signing shared documents, completing tasks, etc. Click here to see the exact process that an invited transaction member goes through when being asked to join a transaction.

NOTE: For security purposes, transaction members will not be able to do anything within the transaction 
until the transaction member has entered in a password from the email invitation that Reesio sends him/her.

The process for adding a member WITHOUT inviting them into the transaction is nearly identical. After selecting "No" to the question: "Invite this member to join the transaction?"...

1) Manually input the transaction member's name and email or search for a brokerage member or contact in your Reesio address book.

2) Choose a role for the member.

3)  Indicate whether you would simultaneously like to add the transaction member to your Reesio address book or not and click "Submit". 

Transaction members that you've added will show up in your "Members" section. To access the "Members" section at anytime, either select the Members tab at the top of the dashboard or open the side transactions summary and click the "View All" link within the Transaction Members section. Clicking the "View All" link in the side transactions summary, will take you to the Members section where you can then manage Transaction Member Groups.
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