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FAQ's on new MLS/Top Producer Integration Launch, Jan 2016

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2016 05:51PM PST

Why a Reesio and Top Producer integration?

The Move suite of professional software now offers a true end-to-end solution to streamline your business processes and help make the real estate process simple, efficient and enjoyable for your buying and selling clients.   We are excited to combine the power of Reesio’s comprehensive transaction management with Top Producer’s industry leading CRM. Users of both Top Producer and Reesio can now manage the entire lifecycle of a deal from lead, to client, to transaction, to close, all while creating an exceptional experience for the client to ensure repeat and referral business. Our goal is to provide technology to help real estate professionals remain at the center of the real estate process throughout the entire lifecycle.


What does the new integration allow me to do between Reesio and Top Producer?

Users of both systems can easily add Top Producer contacts to Reesio transactions to collaborate, share/e-sign documents and manage tasks. Once a transaction successfully closes in Reesio, the contact status will be automatically updated in Top Producer to “Closed.”


How do I connect my Reesio and Top Producer account?

Log into Reesio and go to “Account Settings” >  “Integrations” and enter your Top Producer credentials in the “Top Producer” section.


How do I add contacts from Top Producer to Reesio?
Adding contacts from Top Producer in Reesio is just like inviting transaction members. To start click on the "Add Transaction Member" icon in the upper right of the Transaction Dashboard in your Reesio account. Then decide whether to add them to a transaction or store as a contact. Use the search tool to find a Top Producer contact, choose their role, and submit!


How do you edit contacts in Reesio?
Users will be able to edit Top Producer contact details such as Name, Email, Transaction Role Type and Transaction Group within Reesio transactions. However, changes to the contact within Reesio will not sync back to Top Producer.


What happens once the transaction closes in Reesio?

Once a Transaction is tagged as “Sold” in Reesio, any contacts added from a user’s Top Producer account, will automatically update the contact status to “Closed”  in Top Producer.


How do the sharing permissions in Top Producer apply in Reesio?

Top Producer account sharing permissions will persist in Reesio. For example, Top Producer users that have shared accounts will be able to access and add team members’ contacts to their Reesio transactions.


What does the new MLS integration with Reesio allow me to do?

Creating a transaction in Reesio just got easier! Simply enter in the MLS number when creating a transaction, and the property details and photos will pull in automatically from the MLS, eliminating the need for duplicate entry. Users can also pull in MLS data from within the “Property Details” tab of the transaction dashboard at any time. Just a heads up that property details and photos added directly into Reesio transactions will not sync back to the MLS.


What property details will be pre-populated from my MLS?

Any existing property detail fields listed in Reesio’s “Property Details” tab will be pre-populated with available MLS data. There may be additional property details in the MLS that are not available in Reesio. Requests for Reesio to support additional details should be sent to


Can I edit the details that are populated from my MLS?

Definitely! Users can edit details anytime in the “Property Details” tab of the transaction dashboard. Just note that any changes made in Reesio will not sync back to the MLS.


Can I add or remove photos?

Yes, photos can be added or removed anytime in the “Photos” tab of the transaction dashboard. Changes to photos in Reesio will not sync back to the MLS.

What happens when I edit/update new property details or photos from my MLS?

When you pull in new/updated property details from your MLS, those new details will override any existing details that you have within Reesio. For example, if your original MLS listing had the square feet at 1,500, and now your MLS listing has no square feet listed (i.e. it's blank), that blank value of zero square feet will override the previous number of 1,500 within Reesio when you update it from the MLS.
When you pull in new/updated photos from your MLS, those new photos will be added to your existing photos. Reesio will not replace the previous photos that you had with the new photos that are in your MLS. So if you have any photos in your MLS listing that were also previously in Reesio, you'll end up with some duplicate photos within Reesio.


Is there a limit to how many photos will be synced from my MLS to Reesio?

Reesio has no limit on the number of photos synced from the MLS. However, each MLS may have its own limitation on number of photos and size.


How do I get started with the MLS integration with Reesio?

Users can connect their “MLS” account to their Reesio account in the “Account Settings” page. This is a one time setup process and the MLS must participate with Top Connector to be eligible. Users can connect to their MLS account by logging into Reesio and go to the “Account Settings” page to enter their MLS credentials in the “MLS Integrations” section within the “Integrations” tab.


Once connected, users can create a new transaction or update property details anytime with MLS data.

What if my MLS is not available in Reesio?
Please contact your MLS directly and tell them you’d like to connect your Reesio account with the MLS through Top Producer. Your MLS can contact to learn more.


Is there a discount if I purchase both Top Producer and Reesio as a bundled package?

Yes, Top Producer users can add on Reesio for a discounted rate of 20% off. There are additional discounts for brokerages that purchase multiple seat licenses. Ask your Top Producer sales representative or call 877-876-3547 for more details. If you’re an existing/new Reesio customer looking to add Top Producer, please call us at 877-876-3547.  


Can I choose to purchase Reesio and Top Producer independently?

Certainly! You can subscribe to either product without committing to the other. However, there’s tremendous value in subscribing to both. CRM and Transaction Management are key to every successful real estate professional’s toolkit. A Reesio/Top Producer bundling provides the most comprehensive solution to both.


What will happen to Reesio’s native CRM features?

Existing Reesio users who created accounts prior to January 25, 2016 will continue to have access to Reesio’s native CRM features. New brokerage members added to existing Reesio brokerages will ALSO have access to Reesio’s native CRM features. However, Reesio accounts created after January 25, 2016 will only have access to transaction management features including transaction, document, and offers management tools, plus e-signatures, and single property pages. New users are encouraged to take advantage of bundled pricing with Reesio and Top Producer to access a best-in-class CRM and take advantage of the Reesio/Top Producer integration.


If you are considering a more robust CRM service we encourage Reesio customers to take advantage of bundled pricing with Reesio and Top Producer to access a best-in-class CRM service and take full advantage of the Reesio/Top Producer integration. Further integrations are planned which will offer users of both Top Producer and Reesio unparalleled service and help streamline your business processes.


Will Reesio no longer support its native CRM features in the future?

Reesio will continue to support existing native CRM features for clients who created accounts prior to January 25, 2016. The same CRM functionality and features will be supported for those customers in the near term. As further integrations with Top Producer and other Move software products become available, the need for CRM features in Reesio will be re-evaluated at that time.
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