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Lone Wolf Integration

Last Updated: Oct 17, 2016 12:56PM PDT

Lone Wolf Integration


Reesio integrates with Lone Wolf’s accounting software to make your job even easier!  With this integration, you’ll be able to easily add and update your transaction information from Reesio to Lone Wolf, including commissions! This eliminates the need to enter the same transaction information in two places, and ensures accuracy across systems. With Reesio’s Lone Wolf integration, you can push transaction details from Reesio to Lone Wolf at any time, as often as needed.




Step 1: Connect your Reesio Account to your Lone Wolf Account*


NOTE: The ability to connect to Lone Wolf accounting  is only available to brokerage members who have admin permissions in Reesio.

  • Login to your Reesio admin account

  • Click the dropdown arrow by your name in the upper right corner then select “Account Settings”

  • Navigate to the “Integrations” tab then click the “Connect” button for the Lone Wolf Integration:


  • Enter your Lone Wolf login credentials and click “Connect” if you know it. If not, skip to step 2:


Step 2: Contact Reesio Support*

  • Send an email to to complete additional steps to enable set up

  • You will need to complete a Schedule B form authorizing data exchange between Reesio and Lone Wolf and submit $35/per office/per month to Reesio to enable this feature

  • Once above steps are completed, you will receive a confirmation email from Lone Wolf within 1 - 2 business days, when your account is activated for integration.   

  • Now you are all set, your Reesio account is connected to Lone Wolf accounting! This is a one time setup process.


Step 3: Once initial setup is complete, send transaction details from Reesio to Lone Wolf**

  • There are two ways to push details from Reesio to Lone Wolf

  • Option 1: navigate to the “Transactions” tab in your Reesio account by clicking the tray navigation icon at the top right of your dashboard then “Transactions” OR select “Transactions” in the Transaction Management tool bar on the left side of the page:

  • From here select the transaction you want to send to Lone Wolf

  • Then select the “Details” sub tab and click the “Lone Wolf” link in the upper right corner:


  • Option 2: Go the Transactions page and click the ellipses icon at the bottom right corner of the transaction and select the Lone Wolf option to push these transaction details to Lone Wolf:


  • You can view all the data that will be pushed to Lone Wolf

  • You’ll need to select the Agent associated with the transaction, the classification type and the property type from the drop down menus provided:



  • You can also add additional contacts such as Escrow Company, Title Company, Buyer or Seller to send to Lone Wolf by clicking add contact, selecting the contact type and the Reesio transaction member to associate with that contact.

  • Note:  Pushing Reesio transaction data will override any existing accounting data in the corresponding fields and only an admin can send transaction data from their Reesio admin account to Lone Wolf.




How do I push my transaction information from Reesio in Lone Wolf?

Easy! One of the benefits of this integration is you can send transaction details from Reesio to Lone Wolf at any time. Please be aware that all of the corresponding transaction details from Reesio will overwrite the existing details in Lone Wolf with the updated information.


What information will be sent from Reesio to Lone Wolf?

  • Listing Commission or Selling Commission

  • Agent Commission

  • MLS Address

  • Offer Date

  • Close Date

  • Sell Price

  • MLS ID

  • Agent

  • Classification (Listing side or buying side)

  • Property Type

  • Additional Contacts


Can I send commission details?

Yes, to add commission details to a transaction, select the transaction and within the Details tab scroll to the bottom to update the commissions, OR go to the Commissions page and select the commission details icon to the right of the transaction you’d like to update. Once you’ve added the commission details for the selected transaction you can easily push this information to Lone Wolf by following the instructions listed in Step 3 above.


Click here to learn more about commissions in Reesio.


Does Reesio integrate with other accounting software?

Yes! Reesio also integrates with Profit Power. Contact to find out more.


Can non-admins access the Lone Wolf Integration or send their transaction data to Lone Wolf?

No, this option is only available in Reesio’s admin level accounts. Admin permissions can be added or removed for any brokerage member. Click here to learn more.
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